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We believe...

...entrepreneurs aren't like the others. The imaginative, intellectually curious, brilliant and often wild people who build companies are a special breed. Brilliant entrepreneurs are everywhere - not just founding companies, but leading them, growing them, and innovating within them. And while they may seem superhuman, even the superheroes known as entrepreneurs need help sometimes. Sherlock has Watson, Bond has Q. Even Olivia Pope has her gladiators.


We believe in ideas, businesses and industries on the edge of transformation. That the fastest-growing, breakthrough companies can accelerate; that the oldest, most traditional industries can grow and thrive if technology, efficiency and automation are applied well. And that technology and data are critical to the future of commerce, globally.


We believe that data is critical; experience and instincts perhaps even more so. That brand and story matter, as a great, true story is the best sales and marketing weapon. That a great product without brand and marketing - or a business model - is not really that great.


We believe that new people, new experiences, new places, new ideas and risk-taking build better businesses and better entrepreneurs. That diversity of gender, color, religion, politics, thinking, culture and ideas fosters businesses most likely to succeed in the world today. And that the only work worth doing is work that impacts people - as many people as possible - positively.


We believe in the power of women to lead, to transform, to make the world a better place. We especially believe in the value of women as entrepreneurs, disruptors, advisors and board members - particularly in commerce companies, as women control 85% of consumer spend. As consumers and as leaders, investing in women is good for business.


We believe in investing time, experience, ideas and capital into brilliant people.


Brilliant Ventures



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