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On optimal returns, abysmal diversity and rethinking patterns

Kara Weber & Lizzie Francis: Investing as operators and backing diverse teams

We were delighted to spend time talking to one of our favorite people in VC last week, Dan Mindus, founder of NextGen Venture Partners, for that firm's new podcast "Taking Notes with NGVP." (In addition to managing our own firm, BV, we're both venture partners with NextGen).

In this relatively brief podcast, we hold back exactly zero of our true opinions and cover some of what we see as terrific opportunities in both investing and driving change in the landscape of technology and VC. We give shout outs to Tamara Mellon, one of our first investments and a case study in transformation of commerce, as well as Sean Green of Arternal, in whom we are not investors but are nonetheless awe-inspired fans. Can you imagine raising $500K as a black man pitching a SaaS tech platform to the art world? Sean did that, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of what makes him a success. Before that, we talk about the value of working with investors with deep operating experience, and how that can impact both company success and outcomes.

All this and more in less than half an hour!

Since we're committed to honesty around this interview, we'll confess - it's not our funniest work - we're actually pretty dead serious about these topics. But it's work we're incredibly proud of, and hope you might find time to listen.

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