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Picking the right partner - beyond capital

"...Even small investments in companies that solve global problems pay off."

Beth Doane, writing in Forbes

We are honored that we are categorized as "impact investors" in this article in Forbes, as we truly believe that by committing capital, go-to-market expertise, a broad(!) network of people and resources, and serious hustle to our portfolio companies, we are changing the world. Not necessarily because every company we invest in is tackling global-scale challenges (we do, after all, focus on transforming the future of commerce), but because we are women, investing more often than not in women, to create success stories that women around the world can use as models. We hope to drive a virtuous cycle of success, leadership and impact. It's ambitious, but this is the north star that guides us.

Like any investor, we are reminded constantly - and admittedly, sometimes painfully - that top entrepreneurs and great companies have a choice when it comes to choosing investment partners. Great companies and brilliant entrepreneurs truly do attract an overwhelming amount of attention and interest from investing partners, as we are seeing right now with a deal we're excited to announce soon. While the majority of entrepreneurs dream of facing this "problem," it really can be a distraction to the founders in that situation. The smartest founders know they have to go beyond just capital and brand names to consider how their investors' focus, experience and values align with their own.

We work hard daily to rise to this ambition, and to make a powerful impact on the world.

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