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Happy to help!

A few weeks ago we met with one of LA's most prolific investors, Paige Craig.

Paige and I were first introduced many years ago when I was running marketing at Rubicon Project, and we reconnected at the Upfront Summit in LA in early February. When I told him what Lizzie and I were up to, he suggested we meet - he was happy to help.

At our meeting thereafter we had a great conversation all around, but the most valuable takeaway was his thoughts on the investing criteria/framework developed by his firm (Arena Ventures). In talking to us he came to realize that this framework, with its emphasis on maximizing investor returns and focus on supporting startups most likely to change the world, minimizes bias - resulting in Arena's investment in a high percentage of female-led businesses. On February 29, 2016 Paige wrote about our meeting on Medium, "Half Our Startups are Founded by Women — and I’m Surprised and Delighted."

Honored to have inspired an article - thanks for being happy to help, Paige!

#Investing #longLA #Femalefounders #Diversity

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