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A few brilliant companies...


B2c; sustainable fashion marketplace

Most marketplaces focus on women 25+ with a clear bent toward luxury, with shoppers competing to 'win' items. Relovv targets younger women with a focus on the fast fashion that hangs (too often unworn) in Gen Z and millennials' closets. Their innovative revenue strategy includes features that enable members to be paid to help one another sell, where all genders and sizes are included via personalization, and where sustainability is championed.


B2B; predictive purchase intent data

Cherrypick is AI that's reinventing the business of beauty in a social-first world by enabling beauty brands and companies to access predictive purchase intent for every SKU across the industry.

Beam Impact

B2B2C, impact app/platform

Beam Impact's impact-driven loyalty platform gives consumers the power to impact the issues they care about with every purchase they make. The most effective way for retailers to reach and retain high-value Gen Y and Z consumers, Beam's app empowers users to donate corporate dollars to supported causes of their choice from partnered brands like Panera Bread, Warby Parker and more. More via Yahoo! FinanceInc.Retail Dive, and Bustle

Harper Wilde

D2C; bras

Harper Wilde takes the B.S. out of bra shopping. The question "why are bras so expensive?" only led founders Jenna and Jane to ask more: why is the bra industry so over-sexualized? Why do bras have so many embellishments? Why is a product that is meant for women typically marketed toward men? In answer, they created everyday bras that match a woman’s real needs - including the needs of her bank account, and a shopping experience that removes the middlemen, and delivers quality products at fair prices. Inspired by Harper Lee and Laura Ingalls Wilder, Harper Wilde is committed not only to lifting up your ladies, but also to lifting up the future generation of leading ladies.

The Riveter

B2C, female-forward co-working platform

"You will make powerful things happen here." The Riveter, under the leadership of founder/CEO Amy Nelson, is a female-forward membership workspace and community platform. Predicated on the idea that women are the most disruptive force in the global economy, The Riveter unlocks the power of women in business by offering the first female-forward professional network built in the physical and digital space to amplify this economic force.  Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Seattle with workspaces there and in Los Angeles. More from Huffington Post .


B2B: marketplace sellers' platform

Vela optimizes ecommerce for sellers, offering a solution to manage and grow their businesses across multiple sales channels through one platform. In the words of a Vela customer, "with almost 500 listings trying to update a price is just about impossible without a tool like this..." Vela's AI-driven platform leverages the network's collective data to inform merchandising decisions and employs automation in order to maximize sales efficiency and drive revenue.

Skylar Body

D2C, Natural fragrance

Skylar Body is a natural direct-to-consumer fragrance collection offering high-quality ingredients at an attainable price point. Ushering a new generation of better-for- you fragrances, Skylar’s artisanal formulas deliver refined and fresh scents made with natural ingredients from all over the world. Made for women by women, all signature fragrances are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and remain free of artificial dyes, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. More from TechCrunch.

Haute Hijab

D2C, modest fashion

Modern hijabs designed in the size, weight and material made to be worn all day long. Prints are hand-picked and fabrics are meticulously scrutinized to feel amazing and be the key to leaving women who wear them comfortable and confident, everyday. More from PopSugar


B2B, SaaS camera marketing platform

Camera IQ is the first camera experience manager. Their platform helps marketers create new worlds that customers love to explore, with technology that integrates OS platforms, AR toolkits and native apps into a single fabric, so brands like Viacom, Coachella, NBA and Spotify can deliver captivating experiences at scale. More on NewCo SHIFT.


B2B, tech/data-enabled direct mail

Direct Mail for Digital Marketers. From acquisition to retention and everything in-between, direct mail delivers. Postie is the platform digital marketers need for easier deployment, more knowledge, and better results.


B2B, Neural network-powered technology for marketers

The first neural network technology designed just for marketers, Cognitiv recognizes, targets, and prices the impressions and customers most likely to lead to conversion, ensuring brands' marketing reaches a precisely targeted audience using optimal bid pricing. More on Forbes.



B2C, luxury/sustainable home goods

Home essentials to enhance your life. We believe that high quality, smart design and personal comfort shouldn’t cost a fortune – and that above all – you should start and end your day feeling your very best. More on Architectural Digest.

Happy Returns

B2B2C, in-person returns for online retailers

With Happy Returns, shoppers get returns that are easy, free, involve no packing or shipping, and provide an immediate refund. Retailers using Happy Returns save money through decreased shipping and support costs and enjoy increased conversions and customer satisfaction. Shopping centers and other hosts benefit from highly-qualified foot traffic driven to their locations. More on The Wall Street Journal.


B2B, SaaS platform for dropship automation for brands and retailers

RevCascade - a marketplace automation platform for brands and retailers online - automates all of the interactions and data between brands and retailers, from merchandising through transactions, enabling brands to significantly expand the number of products retailers offer via ecommerce to consumers. RevCascade is also behind Souler, the commerce platform where influencers share and sell the products they love directly to their followers. More on WWD.

Tamara Mellon

D2C, luxury footwear

From the co-founder of Jimmy Choo comes a true luxury footwear line by women, for women. By offering the highest quality and service at direct-to-consumer prices, Tamara Mellon is redefining luxury and doing what she does best: designing shoes and breaking rules.

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