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Seed-stage companies already in-market. 
Transformational companies building the future of commerce - both brands and the businesses that enable their growth.
US-based companies, primarily in LA and NYC.
Brilliant entrepreneurs & diverse leadership teams.
Creating Value & Transforming Commerce
Brand - simply defined as the relationship between a consumer and a company - has never been a more important driver of internet-enabled commerce. 
"The ability to be disruptive and quietly meticulous might just be the difference between a bubble-fueled fad and a business built to last."
Fast Company re: Warby Parker
Founded and managed by proven brand-building operator/founders, Brilliant Ventures invests capital, delivers keen insights, and embraces hustle to ensure both success for and access to founders we admire and companies we love transforming the future of commerce.

What We Do:

Easy: we get fired up for great opportunities in areas we know best & can impact most. 
Capitalizing the Future of Commerce
A new approach to venture capital: we invest capital and go-to-market expertise into the success of companies led by brilliant, diverse teams transforming the future of commerce via innovations for products, process and people.
Team: our founding partners are operators with extensive experience (12 companies & 7 exits' worth) in growing and scaling commerce companies and the platforms that support them.
Experts: sector experts in brand, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, retail, beauty, commerce and talent development.
Network: City of Angels - our proprietary network of amazing, accomplished women offers unique access to talent, deal flow, expertise  and investment. 

How We Do It:

With great people & a hands-on approach: expertise, experience, network, & high-fives.

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